Liao Y. Chen Research Lab

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Liao Y Chen, PhD (Professor)

Thierry O Wambo, BS, MS, (PhD Candidate)

Roberto A Rodriguez, BS, MS, (PhD Student)

Nicolas P Villareal, Undergraduate researcher

Joseph Garcia, Undergraduate researcher

Interested to join?
If driven by the science we are doing, email Liao \dot Chen \at utsa \dot edu

former members

Oscar Villarreal (Graduate Researcher), PhD (went to MD Anderson)

Lili Yu (Research Scientist) returned to Yancheng, China

Ahlam Bohassan (Graduate Researcher)

Brandon Calabro (Graduate Researcher)

Changhong Yi, PhD (Research Scientist, returned to Shangdong)

Shada Alsharif (Graduate Researcher, went to Tabuk)

Zenab Alabadi (Graduate Researcher, went to Saudi Arabia)

David Bastien (Graduate Researcher, went to Boston)
yubo zhang
Yubo Zhang (Graduate Researcher, went to Vienna)

Adrian Alvarado (Undergraduate Researcher, went to Valero)

Hugo Espejel (Undergraduate Researcher, went to Vanderbuilt)

Yubao Cui, PhD (Postdoc Researcher, went to Clemson)

Derek Mendez (Undergraduate researcher, went to Stanford)

Guodong Hu (Graduate Researcher, went to Dezhou)

Last updated December 29, 2013